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The R&D Dictates The Solution

My Grocery Store secret sauce is addressing the barriers and behaviors of those living in food deserts. My Grocery Store will:

Provide free monthly delivery to shopping partners

License Owner Operated My Grocery Stores  

Develop the next generation of farmers and store owners 

Provide Black Farmers a primary grocery store supply chain

Why MGS: About Us
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Delivering Reinvestment

My Grocery Store Network is seeking ESG - Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance partners to provide economic empowerment to its shopping partners in the southern sector of Dallas. The partners can come from industries such as financial institutions, private, public and conscious individuals. My Grocery Store (MGS) shopping partners are the unbanked, low to moderate income earners  and those living hard to reach communities. 

My Grocery Store is a one of a kind model that generates a fixed monthly income through its shopping partners and then reinvest a percent of those revenues into them by feeding their whole body. The mission is to lessen the burden of government by teaching self efficacy with the ultimate goal of producing homeowners and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Why MGS: About Us
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