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My Grocery Store IDA 

Delivering Reinvestment

An Individual Development Account (IDA) is an asset building tool designed to enable low-income families to save towards a targeted amount usually used for building assets in the form of home ownership, post-secondary education and small business ownership. 

​MGS IDA Pilot goal is to match up 5 times what a participant saves. For example if the participant saves $2,000.00 they will receive up to $10,000.00 to assist with their selected goal. Matching funds come from matching partners and My Grocery Stores.


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If you would like to become a homeowner, start your own business or obtain a post secondary education register now.

Become A Matching Partner

Matching Partners are critical to the success of the progress of the IDA. This is a chance for you to pay it forward within communities that have been undeserved and people who need that one break in life. Your contributions are tax deductible under 501c3 guidelines.