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My Grocery Store Network seeks to increase America’s food security, enhance  access for those living in rural and underserved communities by providing access to healthy food options, employing nutrition education in the household, and increasing their quality of life by feeding the whole body. My Grocery Store Network (MGS Network) cultivates entrepreneurial aspirations by creating wealth building opportunities for Farmers of Color, Future Farmers, first time owner operators and those living in rural and low income communities. 

MGS Network mission is to eradicate food deserts, develop a solid work ethic in individuals starting at the age of 10, develop the next generation of health conscious chefs while advancing agriculture in space and globally.  

The MGS Network goal is to be a true lifeline by providing very intentional outreach and technical support for those needing and wanting a real opportunity for progress.

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Shopping Partners 

Shopping Partners are the key to success for My Grocery Store Network. Some people simply call them CUSTOMERS and disregard their importance which often leads to bad service and a lower quality of products and services. MGS will show its appreciation by providing birthday cakes and ice cream for those living in the household of shopping partners, highlighting the success of the children in newsletters, meal preps, free delivery and so much more.

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Job Opportunities

MGS lowest wage is $15.00 per hour with a chance to earn a monthly bonus. We are looking for energetic, appreciative individuals that live or play with the store's physical location. As an employee of My Grocery Store you have an opportunity to receive a certification in the grocery industry and a chance to one day own your own store.  If you are interested in becoming a key player in the transformation of lives and communities then complete the link.

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Community Marketing Partners

Community Marketing Partners (CMP) are small organizations, non-profits or individuals that recruit shopping partners. In order to be a CMP you must live or serve within 10 miles of the physical store location. Each CMP receives up to a 3.5% monthly royalty on each dollar spent by their referred shopping partner. MGS knows this will allow the CMP to expand its operations while keeping the money in the community.

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Vendor Opportunities 

MGS is looking for socially conscious vendors to do business with in a mutually beneficial relationship. Each vendor will be required to participate in My Grocery Store Network community outreach efforts in some capacity. MGS is open to business with all companies but looks forward to opening the door to smaller local businesses.

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Community Information and Reinvestment Hub

Mission is to reduce crime by 20% in year one while focusing on violence prevention and significantly reduce homelessness within a 3 mile proximity of each physical store location. MGS will reinvest a portion of its sales in supporting PTI Trade School  and purchasing RV’s as mobile shower units for the homeless. The prevention of crime will start with opportunities and community partners.

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Healthy Food Options and Education Partners

Underserved communities lack access to healthy food options ultimately affecting behavior and health. MGS will have three food trucks at the store's physical location and host a cooking show. Each truck will have a specific role, one will only prepare vegan meals, another one will prepare meal preps for shopping partners and the final one will prepare healthy non-fried foods.

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Socially Disadvantaged Farmers 

Socially Disadvantaged Farmers for the first in the history of the United States will have a major grocery store chain to sell their products at a competitive price. MGS goal is to have over 2500 stores by 2026 across the country. Socially Disadvantaged Farmers as a member of the network will also have an opportunity to become paid trainers, lease their land and become mentors to future farmers.

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Future Farmers

The future farmer is one of the most important people in America, because they will ensure our food security for generations to come. My Grocery Store Network through its partnerships with USDA, NASA, 1890 land grant institutions, HBCUs, black farmers, local small non-profits and little league organizations seeks to develop 1 million farmers by 2026.

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